The world as we see it

We are creators of professional video and photos with drones.
We have 7+ years of experience with shooting, script creation and post production
as well as inspection flights.

Our drones are insured for all European countries including Austria,
which requires higher insurance indemnity limits.
All our flight jobs are fully licensed.

The world at your fingertips
(showreel 2022)

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How we work

Let us take care of the entire video production from a script and storyboard to location scouting. Ask us for a free consultation.

Every video should be preceded by a pre- production meeting (PPM).

We have a full arsenal of equipment to cover both aerial and ground shooting. If you need any specialised gear, we will be happy to rent it for production through our rental partners in Czechia and Germany.

We can also take all footage to the next level in post production in our studios.

Bonum Finem
Dech života
Dech života
MPC System
Harley Davidson
Harley Davidson
Harley Davidson
Harley Davidson
Harley Davidson
Metrostav TBR
Správa železnic

New horizons
with the A2 SPECIFIC license

Thanks to the A2 certificate of the SPECIFIC category, we can capture the most diverse environments. Our drone fleet offers a wide fleet of DJI drones, including the Inspire 3 with Zenmuse X9 camera and 18, 24, 35 and 50mm lenses or the Inspire 2 with X7 camera. The range of these commercial drones is complemented by our FPV builds to mount Blackmagic or RED mini.

We then hand over the acquired material to the client or process it in our studio.

Dron s příslušenstvím
Štěpán Červený

Štěpán Červený

pilot, camera operator

„I dedicated my entire life to film. When I saw drone footage for the first time in my life as an amateur, I was completely enchanted. Even today, as a pro, I am still fascinated by the variety and beauty of shots from a bird’s eye view.“

David Novák

David Novák

pilot, flight mechanic

„I consider any type of flight a technical marvel. As an experienced flight mechanic I understand all aspects of flight electronics, which inspire me when developing my own equipment.“

Jan Jindřich

Jan Jindřich

pilot, video editor

„Flying with a drone still gives me joy and I feel like I am always learning something. But I am drawn more to working with footage in the studio. A drone’s perspective brings endless opportunities to make final videos attractive using visual effects.“

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From glaciers to deserts,
from dawn till dusk.
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